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Training in Micro-phenomenology

Micro-phenomenology is a methodological tool for the study  of lived experience. It is characterized by its practical focus: it uses and develops specific techniques allowing the rigorous and systematic study of experience. Methodologically, micro-phenomenology derives from “L’entretien d’explicitation”, an interview technique originally developed by the French researcher Pierre Vermersch to investigate the procedural aspect of learning and problem solving. This technique was then developed in the context of Neurophenomenology, a research program launched by Francisco Varela to develop a science of consciousness. This research program proposed to integrate the study of the experiential aspect of cognitive phenomena (first-person data) with the study of their neurophysiological counterpart (third-person data). In this context, micro-phenomenology rose as a scientific discipline dealing with the methodological and epistemological challenges that the study of experience entails. Currently, micro-phenomenology is used in various disciplines such as psychology, music, neuroscience, performing arts and sociology, allowing the dialogue and enrichment between different areas of knowledge. The whole training involves four modules, practice and supervision sessions and helping as assistant of the trainings. The Modules are: micro-phenomenological interview, micro-phenomenological analysis  I, micro-phenomenological analysis  II and deepening workshop. 

Training in Spanish 2018

Introducción a la entrevista micro-fenomenológica

Valparaíso 17, 18 y 19 de diciembre.

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According to the demand, it is also possible to organize workshops for specific groups (or institutions) according to their needs.  

Workshops are in Spanish and Portuguese depending on the group of people, they can be even in Portuñol 😉

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Pictures from past workshops

Taller Introducción a la Entrevista Micro-fenomenológica   Noviembre 2014

Foto Grupal1

Taller Introducción a la Entrevista Micro-fenomenológica   Agosto 2015

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Taller de Análisis de  la Entrevista Micro-fenomenológica   Diciembre 2015


Taller Introducción a la Entrevista Micro-fenomenológica Marzo 2016

Foto grupal

Taller Introducción a la Entrevista Micro-fenomenológica Marzo 2017

se nos olvidó sacar la foto ;(

Taller Introducción y análisis de la Entrevista Micro-fenomenológica Julio-Agosto 2017

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