Body – Movement – Space

Performance with  Parallel Ateroid, Tali Serruya and Juliana  Wähner at Capacete


Video dance

La Gravedad y la Gracia (2009)

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Director: Camila Valenzuela y Francisca Valenzuela, Choreography: Camila Valenzuela, Edition: Franciasca Valenzuela, Cast: Camila Valenzuela, Director of Photography: Francisca Valenzuela

Horizon of Exile (2007)


Director/chor/editor: Isabel Rocamora, Cast: Paulina Garrido, Camila Valenzuela, Photography: Nic Knowland, Costumes: Lorena Zilleruelo, Sound design: Paul Cowgill, Producer: Isabel Rocamora, Chile production Manager: Paulo Parra, Production company: Infinito Productions, Hosted in Chile by: Parox Films, Format: S16 mm film, Duration: 22 minutes, Commissioned by:, Funded by: Arts Council England.

Aerial work

Péndulo (2008)

Coreography and performance: Camila Valenzuela, Music: Alejandra Pérez , Costume: Paula Asencio

Anty Gravity work 

Anty Gravity is a concept developed by the director and choreographer Isabel Rocamora, a friend with who I collaborated several years.

“Rapture” (2003)

Dir: Isabel Rocamora, Chor and performance: Isabel Rocamora and Camila Valenzuela,

Victorian & Albert Museum, London 2003.
Photo by Tim Flach.


Dir: Isabel Rocamora, Chor: Isabel Rocamora and Camila Valenzuela. Performed by Camila Valenzuela. Whitechapell Medical Library, London, 2002. 

Photo by Lisa Cazzato.

Arts and Science in the Study of Experience