Performance with  Parallel Ateroid, Tali Serruya and Juliana  Wähner at Capacete


Video dance

La Gravedad y la Gracia (2009)

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Director: Camila Valenzuela y Francisca Valenzuela, Choreography: Camila Valenzuela, Edition: Franciasca Valenzuela, Cast: Camila Valenzuela, Director of Photography: Francisca Valenzuela

Horizon of Exile (2007)


Director/chor/editor: Isabel Rocamora, Cast: Paulina Garrido, Camila Valenzuela, Photography: Nic Knowland, Costumes: Lorena Zilleruelo, Sound design: Paul Cowgill, Producer: Isabel Rocamora, Chile production Manager: Paulo Parra, Production company: Infinito Productions, Hosted in Chile by: Parox Films, Format: S16 mm film, Duration: 22 minutes, Commissioned by:, Funded by: Arts Council England.

Aerial work

Péndulo (2008)

Coreography and performance: Camila Valenzuela, Music: Alejandra Pérez , Costume: Paula Asencio

Anty Gravity work 

Anty Gravity is a concept developed by the director and choreographer Isabel Rocamora, a friend with who I collaborated several years.

“Rapture” (2003)

Dir: Isabel Rocamora, Chor and performance: Isabel Rocamora and Camila Valenzuela,

Victorian & Albert Museum, London 2003.
Photo by Tim Flach.


Dir: Isabel Rocamora, Chor: Isabel Rocamora and Camila Valenzuela. Performed by Camila Valenzuela. Whitechapell Medical Library, London, 2002. 

Photo by Lisa Cazzato.

Camila Valenzuela Moguillansky is a Chilean researcher studying the sense of bodily self, particularly exploring the relationship between body awareness and pain, using methodologies from neuroscience, phenomenology and body practices. She is also very much interested on the methodological and epistemological challenges that the study of experience entails.